The Fuente Academies

The academies were established to accommodate the children of VCN employees, staff, colleagues.

Philippe and Tori – as well as their respective parents – saw education as key to achieving anything in Life. Education to them meant

* All passions for learning were honored. Degrees are available in many tracks; from the Trades to the Arts and Humanities to International Business to Environmental to Negotiating/Peacemaking.

* Pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade is self-paced, with very small classes – Circles of Learning – where learning how to think; discern; discuss; all in a non-win/lose environment, in a cooperative, grow alongside one another, helping and being helped along the way,

* Fully and internationally accredited, there is an academy satellite at each facility of the network, hooked in holographically/VR/AI, to the main educational facility at the headquarters.

* The emphasis on a healthy mind and body and spirit can be seen and felt; as is respecting and honoring the earth – the home that supports us