El is the eldest son of Philippe and Tori Carazon. He, along with his siblings (in order of age), Dei, Ces, Carmen, Ciaran and Tirza, now run VCN (the Vanucci-Carazon network.) Although Philippe trained all of his children exactly the same, he also trained them according to their abilities – and he intrinsically knew which one had a Passion for what…and Passion, for Philippe and Tori, was what drove everything and everyone.

VCN Home

Our website is updating, and it’s exciting!

They belonged to one another.
Now they belong to the Oneness and we can feel them watching over us.

Since the untimely transitioning of our parents recently, we are continuing to redesign, renew, upgrade, and grow; according to what our parents, Philippe and Tori Carazon, always wanted.

They were our Life – in every day…in every way…and so they continue even now. Their Spirits will always live in our businesses, clubs, schools, restaurants, and Travel agencies. As we grow, their values are ours.

I hope you’ll take the time to explore our network; who we are; and that we subscribe to the highest ethical standards across the networks and in our lives.